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What is inkCapture?

inkCapture is an application that recognizes handwriting. While printed documents (books, newspapers) are usually digitized including textual information and thus enable direct text searches, there has not yet been such an option for handwritten texts (chronicles, diaries, notes). The inkCapture application fundamentally changes the possibilities of digitizing historical and contemporary handwritten documents.

🔍 Let the text be recognized

Using artificial intelligence that can recognize handwriting, inkCapture offers the ability to search through handwritten entries. Inkcapture also recognizes printed fonts.

After registration, you have 50 pages to try for free.

Upload your own documents

  • You can easily upload new documents.
  • Add new pages to an existing document or create a new document.

Let your handwritten texts be recognized

  • After signing up, you get 50 pages of free processing and 500 MB of storage.
  • Let artificial intelligence recognize your handwritten text.


  • Search by keywords in handwritten text.
  • Full text search.

Keep your collections organized

  • Simple document structure.
  • Thumbnails of the scans help to navigate the archive.
  • You can sort scans, create folders, change the order, names or delete unnecessary pages.


  • You can easily zoom in on scans.
  • Go through the book page by page.

Share publications with the public

  • Get a link to be able to share selected digitized publications with the public.